Residential Security

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Protect Your Most Important Assets

Protect your home and your family with a professionally installed residential security alarm system from Securacomm. Having a security system greatly decreases the chance of home invasion, providing your family with enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Components of a Residential Security System

The residential security systems that Securacomm offers can be customized to include a variety of enhanced features. When it comes to designing your system, Securacomm will take into consideration the unique layout of your home in order to ensure that all potential points of entry are protected. The basic elements of a standard residential security system include:

Control Panel

The control panel is the central hub of the system. It allows you to interact with the alarm and is programmed to act on the data it receives from the systems sensors.


The keypad is the command centre for your system. This is the portion of the alarm that allows you to interact directly with the control panel. The main two functions of the keypad is to arm and disarm the alarm system, as well as activate and deactivate any security zones you may have programmed.

Panic Button

Keypads are often equipped with a panic button that can be pushed at anytime. This emergency feature immediately triggers your system into a full alarm state.

Sounding Device

The sounding devices for a home alarm system can be purchased with a siren, buzzer, or an alarm bell. Sounding devices are available for both the interior and exterior of residential properties. Your Securacomm installer will tune your siren to the proper decibel level. Remember: the alarm for your system needs to be loud enough to instill fear or panic into the intruder.

Door and Window Contacts and Inside Motion Detectors

These sensors are designed to sense changes in a room caused by a human presence. Securacomm offers special motion detectors for people that have pets in order to avoid false alarms and enhanced security.

Enhanced Security Options

Residential Security Systems offer a great deal more than burglary and theft protection. With the right detection devices from Securacomm, your system can help protect your family in a variety of emergency situations. Our residential systems can be integrated with:

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Heat Sensors
  • Freeze Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Video Surveillance Systems

A good residential security system should include strong window, door, and lock products, along with a professional security system.