High-Security Locks

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Enhanced Security For Your Business

When a simple dead bolt won’t do, trust Securacomm for the latest in advanced security solutions for your business. Securacomm proudly offers a range of high security lock solutions, including Mul-T-Lock and Schlage Primus locking systems.Whether you need to assign access levels within your organization or increase the overall security of your commercial property, Securacomm has a high security locking system that’s right for your Chatham-Kent business.

Characteristics of High-Security Locks

High security locking systems include a number of specialized features in order to ensure optimum protection. Ask your Securacomm sales representative for information on:

Restrictive Keyways

Complex and paracentric keyways frustrate intruders by making it harder to insert and maneuver tools within a high security lock.

Key Control

Having the ability to control the creation, distribution, and cutting of keys for a high security lock helps you restrict access to any given area within your business. The Mul-T-Lock systems that Securacomm installs require a specialized key cutting machine, key bows, and warding patterns that are patent protected to prevent unauthorized manufacturing. This means that no key cutting service other than Securacomm will be able to duplicate your keys.

Key Differs

High security locks offer a high number of real and theoretical key differs to prevent cross keying, This allows for complex master keying configurations and enhanced security ratings.

Manipulation Resistance

The high security locking systems that Securacomm installs feature components that are specially designed in order to resist manipulation from lock picking and decoding attacks. Many of the high security locking systems that we install also include components designed to resist impressioning and key bumping.

Destructive Forced Entry Resistance

Strong materials like steel rods, ball bearings, and harden materials are used in the construction of high security locks in order to enhance their resistance to brute force attacks.

Mul-T-Lock Systems

Securacomm’s Mul-T-Lock locking systems boast a number of enhanced security features, including:

  • Hierarchy Access Levels: Mul-T-Lock locking systems are easily organized into a hierarchy and assigned access levels. Some keys can be set to open all doors, a subset of doors, or only individual doors.
  • Lock System Registration: Mul-T-Lock locking systems are registered to the original owner to prevent unauthorized key duplication.
  • Certified Distributors: Each key that Securacomm cuts for your Mul-T-Lock system will be laser inscribed with our company name and phone number on the key head for easy identification.

Protect your commercial property with a high security lock system from Securacomm.