Access Control

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Protect Your Facility Properly

No matter the size or industry type, your commercial security system must do two basic things – keep important data inside and harmful threats outside. Locking the front door simply isn’t enough when it comes to monitoring your business property. Securacomm’s range of electronic access control solutions are designed to provide top-notch visitor management solutions and integrated security checkpoints.

Securacomm’s Breadth of Solutions

Ensure that only the right people have access to your facilities with:

  • Access Control Systems: Securacomm’s stand alone systems can be designed to offer flexible visitor management solutions. Our systems can be installed in single and multi-door setups and allow for expansion as your business and number of cardholders grow.
  • Visitor Management Systems: These intuitive systems provide management and streamline front desk functions. Securacomm’s visitor management systems house full visitor data and advanced analytic functions.
  • Identity Management Solutions: Our access management software enables easy, onsite identity card production. This allows for the easy recognition of unauthorized people in secure areas. Clearly identify visitors, contractors, temporary, and permanent employees with Securacomm’s sophisticated systems.
  • Smart Card Technology: Reduce the number of cards your employees are required to carry with smart card technology. Our access control systems enable you to create a single card with a multitude of uses, including security clearance, cashless vending, and even secure PC sign-on.
  • Biometric Access Control: This form of security management uses a person’s unique characteristics such as fingerprints, in order to determine an employee’s access level. This form of access control is a popular option for facilities that require high security coverage as the clearance credentials are virtually impossible to replicate.
  • Time and Attendance Management: Time and attendance software is easily integrated with Securacomm access control systems in order to process employee timecards and streamline payroll processing.
  • Security Integration: Securacomm access control systems can be installed to complement pre-existing security systems, as well as closed circuit television systems.

Solutions for Every Business

Securacomm’s access control systems can be customized to suit the unique needs of your company.

Basic solutions include:

  • Single door access
  • Simple photo ID badges
  • Web-hosted access control

Complex solutions include:

  • Integrated command centres capable of monitoring multiple locations.
  • Sophisticated visitor management platforms to authenticate visitors to high security areas.
  • Centralized monitoring station for large warehouse facilities with multiple shipping and receiving entrances.

Access control systems help deter, detect, and document visitors and employees on your premises.